6 Benefits Of Non-Obamacare / ACA Term Medical Plans

Greater savings through better PPO networks
Lower deductibles, lower co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs
Coverage available for up to 1 year
Ability to travel nationwide and still be within your PPO network
Access to more doctors, office visits, hospital stays and surgeries
Real medical insurance with up to $5 million in lifetime benefit

7 Myths About Non-Obamacare ACA Plans Busted


There’s a lot of misinformation flying around about this kind of health insurance:


MYTH 1:       Non-Obamacare/ACA plans have limited coverage.

FACT:            These plans provide excellent coverage for doctor appointments, office visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and prescription drugs worth up to $5 million. They also offer you a choice of many more doctors and hospitals than Obamacare/ACA plans.

MYTH 2:       I will have to pay a tax penalty for buying a non-Obamacare/ACA plan.

FACT:            Not necessarily. Speak with your accountant. If you’re on a plan for only part of the year, the tax is pro-rated, so you won’t have to pay the full amount. In many cases, the savings on premiums outweigh the tax penalty.

MYTH 3:       If I get sick, I’m stuck with this plan.

FACT:            You can go back to an Obamacare/ACA plan during the next open enrollment season with no medical questions asked. Also, some private plan providers offer guaranteed renewable options so you can keep your plan.

MYTH 4:       These plans don’t cover maternity, mental health, or pre-existing conditions.

FACT:            It depends on the circumstances, medications and history. Some pre-existing illnesses are covered. Maternity is not usually covered, but care for a new born might be. Treatment and medication for minor depression and anxiety are covered on some plans. 

MYTH 5:       I’ll have to answer lots of medical questions.

FACT:            There’ll be simple medical questions about most major health conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc. But if you live a healthy lifestyle, and you qualify, the savings are huge. And you can rest easy knowing that you’re not just helping to pay for sick people that are in Obamacare/ACA plans.

MYTH 6:       I can go without health insurance this year. I’m healthy.

FACT:            Bad idea. The number one reason people file bankruptcy is because of unpaid medical bills. What if you break a leg? That could be $5,000 out of your pocket. What if you need an appendectomy? That could be $25,000 gone. What if you have a heart attack or stroke? That will be a whopping $100,000 or more. It’s just not worth the risk.

MYTH 7:       I already bought an Obamacare/ACA plan. I can’t switch until open enrollment.

FACT:            Not true. You can cancel it and purchase a non-Obamacare/ACA plan outside of open enrollment.

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