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You’ve probably got health insurance and life insurance. But, in most cases, health insurance only provides benefits for medical treatment, not non-medical expenses. And life insurance only pays benefits after death.

What happens if you suffer from a heart attack, cancer, or stroke, and survive? Are you and your family prepared to shoulder the expenses?

A Critical Illness Living Benefit Plan can help.

Every day, thousands of Americans suffer a life threatening illness. Despite medical advances increasing the survival rates, recovery times may be extensive and medical / non-medical bills considerable.

If you have a Critical Illness Plan, you can use the cash for any purpose you deem necessary such as helping to:

Protect your assets from being spent on recovery.

Replace lost income for you and your care-providing spouse.

Pay your mortgage or other obligations.

And more…

Reach out today and discover more benefits of critical illness cover, as well as cover for chronic or terminal illnesses

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